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The Power of Forgiveness

Everyone in their life has been hurt by someone; a friend, a co-worker, a relative, a husband or a wife. Whether it was intentional or unintentional the result ended in some type of hurt or pain. However, the hurt that a person has experienced can produce bitterness or un-forgiveness, if left unchecked.

It’s amazing that the one that is usually afflicted with the hurt or pain is usually the one that does all the forgiving because most of the time the person that committed the act is unaware that they hurt the other person or in some cases they just don’t care.

As a result, the person who is baring the pain is not able to receive healing through an apology or the person taking responsibility for their actions. No. They will have to receive healing because of a decision to forgive even though they are hurting.

Forgiving a person when they hate you, mistreat you, curse you, reject you and say all manner of evil against you is reflecting God’s Love! Jesus said; love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

Wow! When you are hurt, it’s not about the offender apologizing. It’s about you forgiving! God knows that the enemy will use people to try to hurt you, but God wants you to forgive so He can forgive you when you make a mistake.

God wants you free! Free to love. Free to walk in Faith. Free to have and abundant life! Forgiveness is important because when we were sinners, God forgave us. Yes! We hurt God by not loving him, but in the midst of that hurt, God forgave us. When God forgave us by sending Jesus to die on the cross, the bible said; by his stripes we were healed.

Forgiveness brings healing. So, forgive those that have hurt you and walk in God’s love, and your life will be a life of supernatural blessing!

Scripture Reference: Mark 11:25, Isaiah 53:5, Luke 6:27-28, Romans 5:8

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